My name is Hayden Annable, and I am a Superadobe Instructor and Builder based in Melbourne, Australia.

I graduated from CalEarth’s Long Term Apprentice program in the beginning of 2014.

 I found the work many years before while searching for a simple, cheap way to build a home. I stumbled upon a picture of these crazy looking Domes being built out of Earth. I was immediately fascinated and began looking deeper into this wonderful technology.

5 years passed, and my unease with the current state of the world grew, alongside my want to do something to change it. I travelled to California to begin my journey to educate myself on how to do just that.

I am now qualified to assist anyone who has the desire to build using Superadobe. This can be in the form of a small cottage, a storage facility, a retaining wall, a raised garden bed, a greenhouse, an aquaponics pond, a children’s play area, a family home, a water tank, and anything else your wonderful imagination can conjure. I am experienced enough to be able to assist in complete project management, and have trusted connections with qualified Architects to be able to legally complete any number of structures.


Curvatecture is the answer to my worlds desire to build a new Space, where each and every one of us lives harmoniously with each other and the land




7 Comments on “About

  1. Hi Hayden

    I think this looks fantastic and want to book it now- at least for me and maybe some others but I’m in.

    Thanks for this opportunity

    • Hey Deborah,

      If you’d like to throw me some info on what you hope to do in the Contact section of this site that would be great! I’d love to have a chat.


  2. Hi Awesome Being – how cool is this ! Call me on 0 411 3 2 0 8 11 and we can make something wonderful happen. So excited and keen as. Cheers Sal

  3. Greetings, was wondering if you are ever looking for sites to facilitate/commission a building and its relevant course? located northern NSW

    • Hey Phil! Yes we’re always looking for new sites! There’s a ‘Hosting a Workshop’ section under the ‘Workshop’ drop down menu, it’ll take you to a form which you can complete, and we can go from there. Always looking for land and people to build with! Cheers mate 🙂

  4. Hello Hayden, I’ve just watched ‘A Simpler Way – Crisis as Opportunity’ WOW inspirational!! I am currently doing some research into where/how I can get practical hands on learning in sustainable housing. I live in the Sunshine Coast QLD… Ideally local would be my preference, but I am open to travel too. Do you have any workshops coming up or any ideas for me? Your time is much appreciation. Nikki 🙂

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