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Traditionally, SuperAdobe projects are created during Workshops, which are a meeting of wonderful people all coming together to build, learn and engage with nature. Education is a huge driving force behind Curvatecture, and we aim to spread ecologically sound knowledge and skills as far as possible.

We are now accepting volunteers at The WillowEnd Round house to help us in the last leg of the build, to help get the walls completed!

If you’ve ever had an interest in Natural Building or wanted to build anything for yourself, now is a wonderful time to come and meet a great bunch of people coming together to build an amazing home, and a wonderful community.

We’ll be building from now until around January, so get in touch if you’ve got some time off and would like to meet us all!

You need no building experience at all, and we’ll feed you yummy food and keep you smiling the whole time! We’re asking for 1-2 week minimum stays with us at this point, but please do get in touch if you can’t make this amount and we’ll see how we can help.

We’d love the extra hands to get this amazing structure ticked off and lived in!


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Willowend Round House
Willowend Round House

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