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Traditionally, SuperAdobe projects are created during Workshops, which are a meeting of wonderful people all coming together to build, learn and engage with nature. Education is a huge driving force behind Curvatecture, and we aim to spread ecologically sound knowledge and skills as far as possible.

In November we are running our final workshop at The WillowEnd Round House, offering anyone the ability to learn how to build naturally with SuperAdobe and other natural building techniques. We had such a wonderful first workshop in January we couldn’t wait to gather another amazing community of happy, healthy builders to help us begin to bring this building to completion.

Come and learn everything you’ll need to know about SuperAdobe to confidently head out into the world and start building your own structures and spaces.


We’ll be exploring complete SuperAdobe techniques, theory of the arch, single bag dome building, plastering, design, building a cob oven, and lots of little tips and tricks to living a happier and healthier, more communal life.

Beautiful organic meals are served everyday from our amazing chefs, as we work and learn together to skill you up in off-grid natural building techniques.

Register your interest below to meet a wonderful bunch of new friends in a breath-taking part of Victoria, or Click here for the full info pack!

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Willowend Round House
Willowend Round House

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