Traditionally, these buildings are created during Workshops, which are a meeting of wonderful people and energies all coming together to build something very special

Education is a huge driving force behind my love of this technology, and it is my life’s goal to spread this knowledge as far as possible


Our next event is live!

It is with HUGE excitement that we introduce Curvatecture’s next major project; the building of Australia’s first approved SuperAdobe Round House, in Gippsland VIC.

It will be a massive project, spanning 12 months, and encompassing many workshops as opportunities for us to share the great technology of SuperAdobe, along with many other natural building techniques and tricks.

More info on the build can be found here

Our second workshop is live and open for application!

If you’d like to join us on the next step in our construction process and learn everything you need to know to confidently build with SuperAdobe EarthBag, along with HEAPS of other great natural building skills and alternative living ideas,  please fill in the form below and join us for up to 3 amazing weeks of learning, building, laughing, and communal living:


Thanks! Hopefully we’ll be building together soon.


Workshops are beneficial for everyone involved:

The participants, or students, get first hand experience and a deep understanding of how this technology operates through hands on construction, supported with thorough class time sessions delving deeper into the mechanics of site soil assessment, reading the land, principles of the Arch, design, plastering, plumbing and electrical, heating and cooling, to equip each participant with an all-encompassing knowledge base to confidently go out and build for themselves.

The owners of the land get a beautiful building built by happy, hard working beings, over a period of great enthusiasm and excitement. Connections and relationships are formed over the days spent building which last a lifetime and open the world up to wonderful opportunities.

I get the beautiful opportunity to teach this amazing technology to amazing people all over the world! I also hope to gain enough interest so that I can support myself and no longer have to work in a traditional work environment, which I believe are damaging to the spirit and incredibly detrimental to mental wellbeing, and the health of the Earth.

Cost of the workshops vary depending on a variety of factors, and also vary in duration, some being a weekend, some being up to a few months. 6 day workshops are the most common introductory workshop lengths, as they give enough time to fully immerse oneself in the technology and be able to leave with a solid enough understanding to begin building for themselves.

I am also available for private, non-workshop based construction projects, with an assembled construction team, for completely negotiable wages.

If you have land and want one of these structures built, PLEASE contact me through the Contact section.

I want to build for you!

13 Comments on “Workshops

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  6. Hi I have a project coming up that will require some assistance. Let me know how to log the details and I will follow up with and application for hosting a workshop. Cheers mark

  7. Hi there, sounds great! I have the remnants of a house left on Koro Island after Cyclone Winston hit in Feb this year, and would love to discuss how we could rebuild naturally, whether that is through workshops, plenty land to camp on, good veggies and fruit, or private non workshop based, whatever unfolds as the better option, let’s connect, vinaka Catherine Lily

  8. The cost to supply my volunteer labour comes as a surprise. I’ve volunteered plenty of times to cob and mud brick and been fed and sheltered for my trouble, but for me to pay to build your house???

    • I agree, it is a funny turning of the tides with how things are conventionally built. The workshop is far more than just SuperAdobe technique, so there’s many aspects which need financing. It also gives me an opportunity to survive and continue to promote this technology in the most efficient educational way, which teaches people in the most focussed structured way. There’s always aspects of volunteering on our builds, and many opportunities to come and lend a helping hand and promote communal construction and living. It takes all approaches. Thanks for stopping by!

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