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Weekend Workshops

Over October, November, and December 2018, we will be running 6 weekend workshops as part of our Super Natural Apprentice Program. These programs will be aimed at beginners or enthusiasts, or people who are looking to expand the range of their natural living knowledge, all held on a beautiful Organic Farm property in Gippsland, VIC Australia.

These courses will cover:

Intro to Permaculture (3 days) – 19th, 20th & 21st October

Aquaponics and Organic Food Production (2 Days) – 27th & 28th October

Simple Solar Design and Installation (2 days) – 17th & 18th November

Natural Leather Making (2 Days) –  15th & 16th December

plus 2 more weekends to be announced! 

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‘Permaculture is the design of systems for efficient, productive and regenerative outcomes. It differers from organic gardening in its approach to planning for functional interconnected systems.

This workshop is an overview of Permaculture Design Course topics, such as plant and animal systems, patterns and ecology, water storage and conservation and energy cycling; focusing on exercises that assist in finding the relationships between elements and how this can lead to higher yields in food production and efficient time and resource distribution. Access to property is not essential in order to benefit from Permacultures teachings, as the principles can be applied to many different situations. Learn how to live a life of purpose, fulfilling more of your daily needs in a regenerative manner that can lead to positive planetary outcomes.

In this workshop you will learn: – Permaculture Eithics and Principles and how to apply them to different facets of life – Understanding and improving soil – Animal Systems and Beekeeping – Annual Garden Systems – Perennial Garden Systems – Water management – Utilising microclimates This 3 day workshop will guide you in designing for land-based systems that are efficient and beautiful. Become an Earth steward and start practicing regenerative ways of living.’

Taj is an enigmatic, energetic, completely focussed teacher who will bring her intense knowledge base to EdenHill to share with all of us theoretical concepts, and then how they might play out on our specific land.

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Come and join the owners of EdenHill Farm, Leni & Paul, as we explore in depth their approach to Organic Farming and Aquaponics on their beautiful 20acres in Gippsland VIC.

Experience Pauls’ extensive knowledge and approach to composting (wet and dry) focussing on quail manure and worm juices. Quail manure is some of the highest nitrogen containing manures of the bird world, and makes a fantastic organic compost. Learn how to precisely brew worm juice and craft compost, and how to implement it properly once it’s ready.

Lenis seed raising approach is a huge passion of hers. Her mission includes bringing beautiful plants and vegetables into peoples lives and homes, and sells her seedlings each week at many different local markets. You will learn all you need to know to raise beautiful, healthy seedlings, which will grow into luscious, full plants to provide you with delicious organic produce.

Also explore their extensive market garden and how they tend, harvest, and move their beautiful organic produce.

There will also be a module on Aquaponics, the marrying of Aquaculture and Hydroponics, and how you can setup and care for your own system to entertain a hobby or produce larger scale fish and vegetables.

If you are one of Leni and Pauls regular customers, come and say hello and checkout where all the magic happens!



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Come and learn the theory and practical installation of a simple solar power setup on one of our cute little tiny houses. The system will service the needs of the inhabitant, and let them charge daily devices and evening lighting.

Taught by an incredibly knowledgable Dominic, his explorations into power and electricity boggle us, and he is able and willing to tackle even some of the most in-depth questions on the electrical world.

Wether you’d like a small system to take camping, or a full scale off-grid home setup, this course will give you a great introduction and hands on experience with the world of Solar Power.

Join the growing community at EdenHill farm, with all organic meals lovingly prepared and included in the price.


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‘Born from necessity (and a whole lot of ice fishing) in the remote wilderness, The Bush Tannery is a rediscovery of our connection with nature and the traditional practices and teachings that tap into, and strengthen that bond.’

‘Our aim is to teach and support the most ethical, sustainable and respectful practices that celebrate life, through community engagement and a sharing of the traditional skills and practices of tanning and leather crafting. Explore our site to learn more about our journey and practices, and check out our upcoming workshops to see how you can be part of it.’
– Josh

Josh is a wonderful teacher and custodian of traditional techniques of how to take almost any animal skin and process it into beautiful, usable leather and fiber, for a multitude of uses.

Josh has extensively studied many different traditional techniques from bark tanning to brain tanning, and is a wonderful teacher.


If you are interested in booking a Weekend Workshop, please follow these links:

Intro to Permaculture  –  Simple Solar Setup  –  Natural Leather Tanning  –  Organic Farming, Aquaponics, Seed Raising

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