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3 Month Apprentice Program

For the first time, we are offering a fully immersive program focusing on training individuals with real skills to grow their own food and build their own shelter.

+ October 1st – December 31st 2018 +

Held In Gippsland Victoria, Australia

About the 3 Month Apprentice Program

The Super Natural Apprentice Program will be an over-arching syllabus which will include our already scheduled 6 weekend workshops, 3 week-long building workshops, and continual organic food production lessons and practical implementation. Set on a 20 acre property in at the foot of Mt BawBaw, Gippsland VIC Australia

These include 7 day SuperAdobe, Rammed-Earth, and Light Earth workshops, plus Weekend Solar-system setup, Aquaponics, Organic Composting (wet and dry), Natural Leather tanning and craft, Natural Medicine, Organic Seedling raising, 3 day permaculture intro, Organic Farming practices, plus ongoing daily exposure to simple carpentry, basic mechanics, finishing a building, welding and metalwork, rocket-stove design and construction, bio-digestors, plus heaps more to be announced.

Designed for the very dedicated, enthusiastic members of the growing sustainability movement, and anyone wanting to break out of the day-to-day rotation, and find a new way of living and working.

Apprentices will leave with a firm understanding of how to grow an abundance of organic produce, and how to build homes and spaces naturally with local materials.

Apprentices will also be offered positions on Curvatecture’s worksites building some of the most interesting and radically sustainable homes across Australia and the World. Come and help us expand our reach!

There will be 6-10 positions available for full-time apprentices in 2018, which will give us all a chance to get to know each other very well and make a great step forward at EdenHill Farm to bring their dream of a flourishing community to life.


Weekend workshops will include subjects such as

Solar Setup theory, assembly, and construction

Introduction to Permaculture

Organic fertiliser and compost making


Natural Leather Making and Tanning

Natural Medicine

More to be announced

Week-long workshops will include

SuperAdobe Circular Medicine Hut, with thatched roof and river-rock floor

Rammed Earth Tiny House, with reclaimed pallet floor

Light-earth Pallet shack, with cordwood floor

All with hand-made windows and doors, creative roof linings, and funky fixings

For times surrounding these special workshops, the apprentice team will be working on completing the buildings begun during the Week-long workshops, to fit -out and move in stage, and also split with food production lessons and hands on organic growing skills.

Complete Food Production lessons and experience

With ongoing lessons and hands-on experience with raising and sowing seeds, caring for seedlings, when and how to plant, tending to your crop, harvesting, preparing to eat – store – or sell, pickling and preserving for the following year, saving seeds, and heaps more homesteading skills thrown in.

Leni and Pauls knowledge is extensive and intuitive, and they are a wealth of knowledge, with EdenHill farm being their second property and foray into complete organic food production. Join them as they continue to grow their garden and vision of how to bring more amazing food and knowledge to a greater audience.

The three month program will cost $895 per month, totalling $2685. This includes all meals and accomodation. Payment plans are available, so please do take full advantage of these if needed.


If you would like to attend our Super Natural Apprentice Program

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