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Super Natural Apprentice Program

It is with immense pleasure that we introduce


– The Super Natural Apprentice Program –

Come and learn how to Build and Grow, naturally!

– Weekend Workshops – Week-long Workshops – 3 month Internship Program –

– Held at Eden Hill Garden, Hill End VIC –

Over the last few years, Curvatecture has grown in scale and experience, over multiple workshops and private building endeavours. We have been taken away by the over-powering positivity and communal atmosphere we have discovered at every turn along our journey into the world of Natural Building and Sustainable Living.

Millie and Hayden have both made huge life changes to be able to align themselves and their lives with working with natural materials to build spaces of all shapes and sizes. If you would like to make similar changes, come and learn how!

What is SNAP?

It is the aim of our newly released SNAP syllabus to meet enthusiastic, dedicated, motivated people who are ready and willing to make a very big change in their life, or continue and enhance the change they have already begun making, toward a more sustainable, less impactful, more nourishing life.

To us, a more sustainable life is one directed towards having less reliance on inputs from afar, and having more control over our basic needs; Food, Shelter, Water, and Community. So, we have built a program focusing on 3 of 4 of those!

We will be teaching this program through 3 different approaches, all occurring simultaneously over October, November, December 2018. The 3 aspects of our SNAP initiative will be six¬†Weekend Workshops (2 per month), three Week-long building courses (1 per month), and a 3 month long Apprentice Program (spanning Oct-December 2018). So whatever your time line, you’ll be able to find a time to come and enjoy our establishing farm and program.

Learn to build your own shelter

Over 3 months, we will see 3 natural Tiny Homes be built from foundation to fit-out, spanning 3 different technologies. These will include Curvatecture’s specialty (SuperAdobe), being used to create a Natural Medicine Hut, plus a Rammed Earth sleeper cabin, and a Light Earth accommodation space.

We will also employ and teach natural rendering on all spaces, simple carpentry to complete the roofs, plus 3 different floor style construction, window and door making, indoor furnace building, Rocket Mass Heaters, cob features and creative sculpting, bottle walls, plus heaps of little tricks and creative additions.

If you would like to see the entire construction process, we would recommend one of our limited Apprentice positions. If you would like to see the walls and foundations of each tiny home be created in a technology-specific 7 day workshop, our 1 Week Workshops will give you a solid grounding in the techniques and skills needed.

Learn to grow your own Food

The second major focus of the program will be on growing an abundance of organic, home-grown produce, to feed the property and the local community around us. There is already an established market garden on the property, so you will be treated to Leni and Pauls’ extensive and intuitive knowledge on seed raising, organic compost and fertiliser production, planning and growing a market garden, aquaponics, natural health and nutrition, plus a life-time of experience in so many other fields.

If you’re interested in applying for our completely immersive 3 month internship, which will share a focus of growing and building, then please apply here. If you’d like to apply for Leni & Pauls’ weekend workshop on their approach to organics, please apply here.

We will also be holding a special 3 day introduction to Permaculture, held by one of Victorias’ growing green stars of the movement, which will give you a great immersion in the principals and practices of Permaculture, a wonderful technique to harnessing the power of systems of all types and sizes.

Our Upcoming Program

October – December 2018