The WillowEnd Round House

This project has been an absolutely  amazing experience. The scale of it is ambitious, and the team has risen to the challenges every time! It is the first time something of this size has been done in Australia with council approval, and it means a huge leap forward for the technology within our shores.

We can’t wait for SuperAdobe to become more popular, and we’re sure with time we’ll see it creeping further and further into the mainstream.

The build features 4 Rammed Earth walls, with the rest of the circular and straight walls being made from SuperAdobe. It will have a standard Corrugated iron roof, with all mod-cons, a standard septic, and all powered by solar.

It should remain a steady temperature inside during the harsh Australian summers, and cool victorian winters.

Stay tuned as we complete the second stage of bagging during the later months of 2017.