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SuperAdobe Around The World

SuperAdobe’s strength is the DIY approach it encourages in the people who attempt to build anything with it. It is an incredibly flexible system which is limited almost only by your imagination.

It’s implementations are endless, and here is a small collection of some of my favourites from around the World, all built by other keen SuperAdobe Natural Builders. Enjoy!

Our little intro to get you in the mood for some serious SuperAdobe!

Brought to you by the wonderful Dylan Magaster, this follows Lisa Starr and her journey to build an amazing space for herself.

Follow Dylan on YouTube here

This time-lapse follows Curvatecture’s first workshop EVER! It was at a wonderful property out in Gippsland VIC, Australia.

Filming and editing by Jordan Osmond of Happen Films

Where it all began! This is great little insight into CalEarth, where Nadir Khalili first pioneered the technology, and which is still growing and teaching to this day. I was fortunate enough to study over there, and would encourage anyone to visit if they find themselves near California.

Film brought to you by KCET Online

This family is absolutely amazing! They have taken the building technique and completely worked it into their everyday lives, and this marks the 5th Earthbag building they have competed on their property, what an achievement!

Please do checkout their channel for an incredibly immersive video journey through every step of each of the buildings, at My Little Homestead