Adelaide Dome Workshop

Held by Jeremy Millington of 1:1 construction

This workshop was the first time I got to hold SuperAdobe in my hands! After about 4 years of watching it online and being steadily more and more interested in it, I stumbled across the Australian SuperAdobe FaceBook page and found this upcoming workshop. I travelled over to Adelaide SA and was lucky enough to be there a week early to help  out with initial ground works and other tasty additions.

Jeremy’s focussed, architectural mind was a wonderful entry into SuperAdobe for me, and it’s pretty safe to say it was the real beginnings of my complete obsession. I came back from Adelaide completely transfixed by learning more and becoming more involved.

It was a great build also because it was the first in Australia to be council approved, with it being situated right in the middle of the suburbs! Adelaide have some great forward thinking councils and this was a clear indicator of that.

I had s much fun, and met another great group of people and began an amazing relationship with SuperAdobe.